Autumn Lawn Care Tips

Autumn can be a difficult time for lawn care because it’s the time when the grass tends to stop growing. During the fall season, the temperature starts cooling and that’s the reason why your grasses are stagnant in terms of growth. But that doesn’t say that they really don’t. While the blades seem to stop growth altogether, the roots carry on with their growth.

Portland Lawn Care

For that reason alone, you have to know that autumn grass care is focused on fertilization and watering. Doing these lawn maintenance tasks is mandatory to provide your grasses the moisture and nutrients that they need to grow strong roots. They are also going to need those nutrients to build energy for winter.

How to Fertilize Your Lawn

For fertilization purposes, there are hand-held spreaders that are easily available from stores. However, walk-behind spreaders can do a much better job because they provide you with better control. You’ll also apply fertilizers evenly by using them.

Don’t apply the fertilizer unless you have fully read the package description and instruction. Be sure that you carefully follow them, put the right amount, and use the right equipment. When it comes to fertilizers, overdoing it can cause a great deal of harm to your plants. Aside from fertilizers, you’re also going to need some herbicides and autumn is the perfect time to do so. Look for a suitable type, such as the moss and broadleaf lawn herbicides.

Lawn Care Tips

You should also know that autumn is when you’re supposed to do all the necessary repairs on your lawn. Check the entire area for bald spots and fix them. To do that, plant grass seeds that match the kind of grass that you have. There are also lawn repair mixtures that you can use if you’re more comfortable using those.

As far as grass types are concerned, there are cold season grasses and there are warm season grasses. If you have planted the latter in your lawn, then expect it to get brown when the winter season starts. The best solution for that is to over seed your lawn with perennial ryegrass.

Lawn Cleaning

Also, a crucial part of your lawn care maintenance task is cleaning. You have to rake in leaves as frequently as possible because the leaves that fall on your grass will block its exposure to sunlight. Lawn sweeping is not really the most exciting job during the fall season but the falling leaves are exactly why the season is called as such.

The leaves that fell on your lawn also encourage diseases and pests on the grass. Always keep in mind that grasses aren’t dead during fall or winter. They’re merely resting and soaking up energy. Your grass will bloom again in spring and summer so you must take good care of them until then.

If you need help with Portland lawn care, simply call the experts. They’ll help you keeping your lawn healthy during autumn and winter to get them ready for full bloom in spring and summer. With professional lawn care experts helping you out, your garden will be as beautiful as you want it to be.

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